Friday, November 26, 2010

Krishna devotees observe vegetarian Thanksgiving

Should a turkey have attended dinner at the Krishna temple on Thursday, it would have been as an honored guest. All guests are welcome by Krishna devotees who celebrated the holiday with a vegetarian feast. Read more...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The ISKCON Experience

By Julie Achary Ray

Every month in Salt Lake City and around, ISKCON has at least one home program. Somehow for the past several months we have been attending one or the other. I am not sure what draws me there: to listen to an interesting presentation or to be a part of the invigorating Hare Krishna kirtan or simple amazement at non-Indian people being such ardent lovers of Krishna. Read more...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Krishna Temple Field Trip, Sp Fork Junior High

Krishna Temple Field Trip

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Sri Hanuman showing the students how to do a push up
by: Laura Carter

World Geography students at Spanish Fork Junior High School had a field trip to the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple Tuesday, October 19. They were welcomed Caru Das. Sri Hanuman introduced the students to the animals they care for. Students were allowed to hold the birds, lead the llamas, and compete in a llama race up the hill to the temple where many of the llamas had different ideas about the race and dug in their heels.

Caru Das then gave the students an insightful presentation on India and the foundations for their beliefs. Upstairs, Sri Hanuman led the students in Yoga that left many students realizing how out of shape they really are. He really took our finest football players and athletes to task with push-ups!

Finally, the students were provided with a wonderful buffet lunch trying out many vegetarian dishes. Many students felt that cultural misconceptions were dispelled that day and many talked about taking their families there to experience this wonderful cultural resource in our community. We, students and Geography teachers at Spanish Fork Junior High School, want to thank the owners Caru Dasa for his great hospitality and willingness to teach us about their world.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Guide to promoting a Religion in Mormon Dominated Utah

The whole website was excellently crafted. The Sri Krishna devotees were well aware that their religion was often misunderstood. They were especially sensitive to what was the common belief here in Utah. Read More...