Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Color Run Powder

Buy Holi (Gulal) Colors and Color Run Powder Bulk for the best price

If you are planning a Color Event (City Event, School, Non-Profit, Family Reunion, Birthday, Photo Shoot, Color Run, etc.), these below quoted prices are the best you’ll find anywhere. By purchasing from the temple you are getting an environmentally friendly product, non toxic, biodegradeable, skin safe, as well as helping the temple to do its spiritual work. Color Festivals, Color Runs, & Color Parties in the Western World all started from right here in Spanish Fork, Utah, where we’ve hosted Holi, the Festival of Colors, for over 15 years. Buy Holi Powder and Colors Bulk from this site and help us promote pure color events in their original spirit.

Prices for large 100 gram (most companies only sell 70 grams) packets with 4 color printing are as follows:
49 – 99 bags $ 1.50
100 to 499 bags $ 1.25
500 – 999 bags $ 1.00
1,000 – 1,499 $ .90
1,500 -  2,000 $ .85
  • Bulk starts at $ 4.00 lb. for smaller quantities and will do down as quantities increase.
  • Call Caru at (801) 787-1510 to make your event a huge success!
If you would like to do more than just purchase from this site, but as a school, or non – profit, INVITE US to Bring the Indian Holi, Festival of Colors, to your venue, please call Caru at (801) 787-1510. We have our own truck, stage, tents, feather flags, performing artists, and COLORS. Have COLORS, will travel!!!! We own the United States Trademarks on both “Festival of Colors” and “Color Fest.”

The Holi Festival is bringing brightness to cities around the World
Remarks from Purchasers:
“I cannot thank you enough for all that you did to help me with my event. It was on Sunday and it was SPECTACULAR.  Please see our Special Strides FB page to truly appreciate how awesome the day was. We had the perfect amount of paint and the day was beautiful.” Karen, Monroe, NJ
“If you have any other elementary schools contacting you about the Holi powder it was a great success. The obstacle course was an amazing part of the event. We had three stations where we threw color run powder and it worked beautifully. We had more fun than we expected we would ever have. We put cheap white shirts and sunglasses on the kids which they loved. Thank you for the phone advice and the amount of powder was perfect!” Jennifer, Danville, Cal
“Thank you for the awesome colors!!! My Fiance and I used them in our engagement photos and it was so much fun! We have gotten lots of comments about it and have been asked several times where we got the powders from. Hopefully you’ll be having many more orders from the South Dakota area.” Jaimie
“I just wanted to let you know that our first event using your color was a great success. We have used color from several sources and the quality of yours is superior.” Jason, Benton, KS
“It went very well and the color was much more vibrant than any other color run powder we have seen!  The quality of the product was amazing. Thanks so much for working so well with us. ” Lynn, Chicago

Ordering Tips to buy Holi powder and colors bulk.

Color Run Powder For Color Runs Bulk:

Planning a Color Event? School, Non-Profit, Family Reunion, Photo Shoot, Birthdays, Colorful Wedding Ceremony, Color Run etc.?
Provide 3/4 – 1 pound of bulk in four different colors per participant for 4 color zones. Individual Packs: Provide one 100 gram pack per participant plus order ½ pack for each participant for extra Color Run Powder sales.
For example if your event has 100 participants you should order: 45 kg (99 pounds) of bulk bags in 4 different colors for color stations & 150 individual packs for participants & color sales.
For Festivals or Parties Individual Packs: Provide three to five 100 gram individual packs per participant.
Colour Your Holiday
Colour Your Life

Products for Sale

We have assorted colors (violet, green, pink, orange and yellow) in 100 gram bags. Corn starch, permissable cosmetic grade dyes, & fragrance. Will not harm grass. If a large crowd throws the colors on grass, hose the grass down, turn on the sprinkler system or pray for rain. Least likely to stain people and clothes if maximum amount is shaken out dry before showering or washing. These FAQs were created for our Color Festival but many of the points will be valid for a Color Run as well. For more tips on cleaning up, here is a link which will be helpful; Clean Up After A Color Run.
We are the largest dealer of Indian originated colors in in the USA, and do same day shipping. Colors are non toxic, skin friendly, and not harmful to the environment. MSDS available upon request. They have been used at our own events which draw 75,000 people for 15 years, and our euphoric customers include United Way in three states, American Heart Association, Hands of Hope, Hospices, Easter Seal Affiliates, Film Companies, Boy Scouts,  Church Camps,  YMCA’s, Sports Commissions, Municipalities, Elementary Schools, High Schools, as well as Universities like Tulane, Notre Dame, Amherst, Wellesely, Cal. Poly Pomona, Penn State, Dalhousie, Trinity College and too many more to name.
Our colors are the brightest, our prices are the least expensive (We will NOT be undersold), and our customer service is unmatched. We ship so fast you’ll freak. No “usually ships within 48 hours”. Our colors will be on their way before you put the phone down. We have no paid employees, only zealous volunteers determined to be the best at what we do.

These colors are also perfect for after dark runs where “black lights” are employed.
Prices for large 100 gram (most companies only sell 70 grams) packets with 4 color printing are as follows:

  • 49 – 99 bags $ 1.50
  • 100 to 499 bags $ 1.25
  • 500 – 999 bags $ 1.00
  • 1,000 – 1,499 $ .90
  • 1,500 -  2,000 $ .85
  • Bulk starts at $ 4.00 lb. for smaller quantities and will do down as quantities increase.
Call for even better prices on larger quantities. We also have violet & blue 100 gram packets on sale for .50 which have faulty printing. We can send you photos as an email attachment.

We have bulk colors in 1 kg (2.2 pound bulk bags) and 5 kgs (11 pound bulk bags). Colors are Pink, Light Blue, Violet, Orange, Yellow, & Green. They sell for $ 4.00 per pound in smaller quantities and prices will go lower as the quantities increase.
  • Our preferred method of remittance for smaller sales is through in favor of
  • Thus we can print the shipping label right from the remittance notice.
  • For credit card sales over $ 1,000.00 there is a 3 % surcharge.
Call Charu at (801) 787-1510 to make your order. Buy Holi powder and colors bulk in 55 lb. boxes (we can “Mix & Match” inside a box): Violet, Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Red, and Orange. We also have all these in 200 lb drums. Huge quantities in stock and same day shipping. Or we can store your goods and ship them when you need them. UPS Ground takes 4 days most places in the USA.