Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sadhana & Merlin - Web Site Design Team

Sadhana and Merlin came to us last June from Ashville North Carolina. They had attended a bimonthly Hare Krishna program there headed by Vijaya Das and Kalindi Devi. They came across our web site and were very impressed with the many programs of the temple here. Sadhana's is a web designer, whose parents happen to live in Provo, Utah, and Merlin is a talented writer.

Inspired by a desire to redo the web site (which has served us so well since designed by Viswambar several years ago) with the latest technology, they relocated here four months ago. Accepting only the minumum necessities, they have worked tirelessly up until the present time, and are now poised to launch the new site at There will still be glitches and gaps to fill in , but we are very excited about this launch and know all our sympathizers will be, too.

Some of the features of the new site are:
  • Virtual tour of the temple with Caru Das
  • Downloadable podcasts of all Sunday feast lectures
  • Steps to Involvement, toward becoming Krishna conscious
  • Picasa albums of our festivals, weddings and special events
  • Membership program and New Member Meetings, featuring in-depth classes in Krishna consciousness offered by our Temple Priest, including lifestyle and philosophy
  • Listings of the many events that go on at the temple, including festivals
  • Festivals – rich media including video, photo albums and visitor blogs
  • Announcement of our Integrated Yoga Nights, an experience in bhakti, devotion
  • A YouTube channel of all our categories of video content
  • Who Is Krishna? content tour
  • Live Calendar of all temple events
  • Frontpage links to webcams and online Krishna radio station
Please visit the site to see for yourselves, and let us know what you think. We welcome questions, comments, suggestions and kudos. If you like it, please join me in congratulating Merlin and Sadhana for all their selfless efforts to date.

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