Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring 2010 Retreat Wrap Up

Sunday around 2 pm we were reluctant to say goodbye to all our new friends from the Retreat Weekend. We met amazing people and heard fascinating stories. Happy trails, until we meet again. Below are some comments, and ratings for the various activities.

“The weekend far exceeded my expectations. I learned a lot about yoga and am excited to do more. The presentation of yoga as a tool toward heightened spirituality was appreciated. I loved meeting everyone and, as Caru mentioned in the beginning, the relationships were what I will cherish most and take with me. I’m getting everyone’s contact information.” Randy Salt Lake City

“I really liked the opportunity to get to know the people & share experiences with each other. Even though we’ve all been different places, learned different things, and accomplished different things, it really felt like we were all just friends and fellow travelers, sharing a bit of the road together. I just want to mention that it's always been a dream of mine to have a homestead where friends, strangers, and travelers would be welcome to stay as long as they need, and rest from their stressful situations for as long as it takes them to find inner strength again. It seems to me that your temple and grounds proved that such a thing is possible, and I found it very refreshing. I would like to pattern my future home or hospice close to what I have seen and experienced this past weekend.”
Naarah, Provo

“Would like to take a longer retreat/4-5 days/this seemed too short. Will always recommend to others.” Bonnie, Salt Lake City

“I am going to recommend this retreat to my friends. The weekend was calming & relaxing. I would like more explanation re philosophy & background. Everyone was very helpful. Caru & Vai were excellent hosts & very informative - also they seem to radiate serenity, peace, & acceptance. I had fun & plan on returning. The food was delicious. I enjoyed the tour & chanting very much.” Kathy, Salt Lake City

“The retreat was not what I expected - it was better. I liked the relaxed nature of the retreat & the interaction with the other participants. The yoga was fantastic - I especially enjoyed the outdoor yoga. i would absolutely recommend this retreat, and plan on attending again! Very welcoming respectful atmosphere also.” Claire, Salt Lake City

“I had a great time. Everybody was very friendly.” Marissa, Provo

“It was wonderful. I would recommend to others. Thank you so Much.” Jenny, SLC

“The retreat exceeded my expectations. It is now my home away from home. The staff was friendly & accommodation. They make you feel as if you are family. My needs were always met with a smile. I would recommend this retreat to everyone. It was fun, educational & very peaceful. I feel renewed & refreshed. Thank you.” Laurie, Long Island

These are the average ratings of 9 respondents based on the scale 1 to 5. 1 is Very Dissatisfied and 5 is Very Satisfied.

Mina Cooking Class 4.9
Alan Yoga Classes 4.9
Buffet Meals 4.6
Accommodation 4.6
Caru Cooking Class 4.6
Candlelight meditation 4.6
Hiking 4.5
Gita Class 4.4
Saturday Kirtan 4.3

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