Friday, October 22, 2010

Message from Lomasa Rishi

2010 October 22 Thursday 11:28 MDT

Dear Friend of The Utah Krishnas,

I beg to introduce myself. My name is Lomasha Rishidas. Authorized by Srila Prabhupada to travel the world treating ISKCON devotees with Traditional Chinese Medicine, I was blessed with the Darshana of Deities throughout the US and in ten other countries. Never have I seen a Divine Couple more Attractive than the Sri Sri Radha-Krishna Forms in Spanish Fork, Utah.

I would like to invite you to support the Utah Krishnas Temple Project by viewing a 3.5 minutes audio-video, and the Founder's Pool offer at this link:

The website is owned by the Utah Krishna Temple. When you JOIN eFoods Global for FREE through this gateway, you support the Temple and the Krishna Billboard Project. You also obtain a similar website of your own, titled as you choose, such as, to help spread the idea that FOOD IS CURRENCY and earn additional Food Storage and monetary savings for yourself, your family, and The Utah Krishnas Temple Project.

You and anyone you invite to join us will also receive SIX FREE meals of Gourmet Vegetarian Survival Food. Delicious to eat now, or, with 15 year shelf life, to use as Food Storage and Survival Food in case of personal emergency or economic collapse.

NOTE: Some product selections have titles with the words "chicken" or "beef" in them, but the "meat" contents are Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP). A number of their products do not contain onions or garlic..

Your participation in eFoodGlobal contributes AUTOMATICALLY to The Utah Krishna Temple!

Please email me at or phone me directly at (801) 938-4639 with any questions you may have about The Utah Krishna Temple Project or about eFoods Global.

Your Servant,

Lomaśa Ṛṣi dasa, L.Ac. (ACBSP & TKG)

Please visit our web site at

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