Thursday, March 24, 2011

News Eleven, Festival Underway

Imagine trying to plan a party for 30,000 people.

Priest Caru Das Adikari of the Krishna Temple is doing just that in preparation for the festival of colors in Spanish Fork. The volunteers are in preparation in getting the job done.

People throw bright pink, yellow and purple powdered colors each year to celebrate the season change. It’s a fun, carefree event, but some people say its also a religious one.
“We feel like this is a divinely inspired event and we are following in the footsteps of our lord in organizing it.” said Das Adikari.

Das Adikari prepares for this religious celebration by stocking up the gift shop and working with volunteers.”I’ve actually been working on this festival for a year, arranging the artist and the performers we have local performers who are actually rehearsing this year for a change . . . uh the cooking is a huge event, I mean we are having up to thirty-thousand people here.” he said.

Hundreds of boxes are filled with packets of colors all imported from India totaling over one hundred thousand colors. Krishna believers say the festival celebrates a triumph of good over evil. But most people come for the cultural experience and the throwing of colors.

“It’s kinda a fun cultural experience to go and see what other people believe. But, uh, I think most people go just ’cause it’s fun to throw stuff at each other and get really nasty” said festival goer Rico Christensen.

The shuttle buses, the music, the bonfire and performances are all updated from years past. People can already buy their colors for the highly anticipated event.

Color throwings will take place every two hours starting at ten a.m. on Saturday at the Krishna temple.

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