Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Color Run Powders, Lowest Prices Best Quality

Gulal Three
If you are planning a Color Event (City Event, School, Non-Profit, Family Reunion, Birthday, Photo Shoot, Color Run, etc.), these below quoted prices are the best you'll find anywhere. By purchasing from the temple you are getting an environmentally friendly product at the best price, as well as helping the temple to do its spiritual work.
Remarks from Purchasers:
"I cannot thank you enough for all that you did to help me with my event. It was on Sunday and it was SPECTACULAR.  Please see our Special Strides FB page to truly appreciate how awesome the day was.  These are just a few of the pics.  We had the perfect amount of paint and the day was beautiful." Karen, Monroe, NJ.
 "If you have any other elementary schools contacting you about the Holi powder it was a great success. The obstacle course was an amazing part of the event. We had three stations where we threw color and it worked beautifully. We had more fun then we expected we would ever have. We put cheap white shirts and sunglasses on the kids which they loved. Thank you for the phone advice and the amount of powder was perfect!" Jennifer, Danville, Cal.
Products for Sale
We have assorted colors (violet, green, pink, orange and yellow) in 100 gram bags. Corn starch, permissable cosmetic grade dyes, & fragrance.
Will not harm grass. If a large crowd throws the colors on grass, you can rent a lawn vacuum to suck up excess. Hose the grass down next day, turn on the sprinkler system or pray for rain. Least likely to stain people and clothes if maximum amount is shaken out dry before showering or washing.
We are the largest dealer of Indian originated colors in in the USA, and do same day shipping. Prices are as follows:
1 - 99 bags $ 1.75
100 to 199 bags $ 1.50
200 to 499 bags $ 1.25
500 - 999 bags $ 1.00
1,000 - 2,000 $ .90.
Call for even better prices on larger quantities.
Shipping is $ 10.00 per 12 bags or less, $ 15.00 for 13 - 24 bags, and $ 55.00 for each box of 250 bags.
Our preferred method of remittance for smaller sales is through paypal in favor of Thus we can print the shipping label right from the remittance notice. If you have any questions or would like to pay through credit card, call Charu at (801) 787-1510.
Bulk Colors are: Purple, Pink, Green, Violet, Light Blue, Yellow, Red, and Orange.
     Gulal 5k
The above colors are also available in 1 kg (2.2 pound bulk bags) and the 5 kgs (11 pound bulk bags). They sell for $ 4.25 per pound in smaller quantities and prices will go lower as the quantities increase. Call for shipping quotes. (801) 787-1510

In addition, we have other bulk colors (as below) in 100 pound drums (unscented) available at $ 4.00 per pound or $ 400.00 a drum. There are further discounts for orders over 10 drums, 20 drums and so on. Colors are  Yellow, Orange, Pink, Green, Red, Violet, and Sea Blue, as seen below. Shipping costs will be determined by your location. Allow two weeks of lead time not including shipping because we are busying supplying customers from all over the country on a first come first serve basis.
H70 energy topH50 courage toph60 royal pink toph40 power topH90 passion topH10 iris topH100 sea blue top

Sale Items
These are a brand of powders under the label, "Govinda's Gulal." They come in three colors as below, green, purple, and red. The powder is good but the printing of the bags is less than perfect. Ink is slightly blurred on the back and the bags can wrinkle due to a lighter grade of plastic. They WILL NOT break or tear in transit. The discounted prices for these are $ 1.00 up to 99, $ .85 up to 499, $ .70 up to 1,000, .55 up to 1,999, .45 up to 4,999, $ .40 over 5,000 bags.
Gulal Front

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