Sunday, November 22, 2009

American Leadership Academy

Friday from 10 am til noon we hosted 80 students from American Leadership Academy, some teachers and parents. A.L.A. is a charter school K-12th grades only a mile from the temple. The students on this tour seemed about 15-16 years. They crowded into the dining area seats for a 45 minute power point by Caru called, "India, the Cradle of Civilization." They were attentive, well behaved, and readily laughed at Caru's witticisms. Upstairs in the temple room, Hanuman lead them in yoga for half an hour (which occasioned even more good humor), followed by kirtana, and finally, outside for some llama handling, cow petting and peacock gazing. The temple hosts many such school tours from as far away as Cedar City ad Bountiful. A.L.A. happens to be the closest.

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