Saturday, November 21, 2009

Utah Valley University Hunger banquet

Last Thursday evening devotees chanted for the Utah Valley University annual Hunger Banquet in the Grand Ballroom. Caru Das gave a two minute introduction indicating that Hunger worldwide is caused less by a lack of resources than by a lack of God Consciousness. The following then tried to do their bit for increasing God Consciousness by chanting the Maha Mantra for 15 minutes while slides of Krishna Deities were projected onto a large screen: Hanuman, Sadie, Wendy, Keshava, Yasoda, Rakiv, Caru, Celia, and Steven. The students and faculty appreciated with hand clapping during the music and applause afterwards.
The organizer. Dallin, had seen the devotees chanting at the BYU Hunger Banquet in March of last year, and thought to invite them to Utah Valley University. He mentioned he had also attended one of the Sunday feasts wherein Caru had talked about the “Manure happens” aspects of our lives serving as good fertilizer for spiritual growth and strength of character. He said he hasn’t forgotten that mkessage and shares it with his friends whenever he gets the chance.
James Rohr, an intern photographer for the Provo Daily Herald, has been shadowing the devotees for a few days in preparation for a photo essay on the temple which is scheduled to appear this coming Monday.

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