Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The BAND for Holi

Chanting the Maha Mantra is the most important feature of the Holi Festival here in Spanish Fork. After the bonfire is lit, the Holika effigy begins to burn, and the colors go up, thousands of people are full of good cheer and excitement. Someone said, "The colors only last two minutes, but it's the best two minutes of your life!" Channeling al that energy is the service of Krishna's mantra rock band. Last year the festival goers danced for hours after the throwing of the colors, and this year we are going to do it twice.

Thus we've arranged for several of the very best kirtan leaders from North America to be on hand to lead the chanting.

There is our own Jai Krishna from Orem, who is a local veteran.

Just off an Indian tour where he played before 45,000 people in the Punjab, the famous lead guitarist & vocalist TK (Titiksava Karunika ) will fly in from San Diego. You can hear the samples of his many albums by visiting

Govinda Dhatta will fly in from Los Angeles. He is Los Angeles' most dynamic kirtan leader & for years led the kirtan in front of the main cart at the Los Angeles Rathayatra festival on Venice Beach. He picks up a little extra change by occasionally playing guitar for "The Fifth Dimensions" He kindly came last year and led explosive kirtans.

Nam Ras will fly in from New York. Nam Ras is new generation Indian descent, just graduated from University and working as a brahmachari at 26 Second Avenue. Caru saw him lead kirtan in North Carolina at a Pandava Sena retreat & resolved on the spot to bring him.

Gangamatri Das, another vocalist and musician who has an album to his credit, is flying in from Minneapolis.

Local musicians who have kindly agreed to form the band are, Curt Gordon, lead guitar, Troy Peery, bass guitar, Josh Francis, keyboards & trumpet, Zack Perry, drums, RB Graves percusssion, & Dan Nelson saxaphone. Jack Arnott of asssistance Audio is doing the sound.

Everyone is flying in early enough to rehearse the night before the festival at 7 pm in the log ashram building

Crowd__Temple_HoliThere is no doubt the chanting this year will be EPIC. If you are coming to the festival bring your dancing shoes and singing voices & PLAN TO LEAVE EVERY OUNCE OF ENERGY ON THE FIELD!

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