Thursday, March 4, 2010

Salem City Opening Prayer

Last evening Caru was asked to give an invocation on "Peace" before the Salem City Council meeting. Normally these are pretty ill attended affairs, yet when he arrived at 6:45 pm there were lots of cars parked around the block and the council chambers were packed with perhaps 175 people. The issue was a proposed gym opening which would allow "Ultimate Combat" or "Mixed Martial Arts" training.

To start the meeting Mayor Green called Caru up to the podium where He gave a peace invocation. Then open mike comments were allowed for 1/2 hour on the topic. Most people were opposed to any sort of Ultimate Fighting Training, and spoke in favor of a Council Ordinance banning it. Some were in favor, saying that the training is so rigorous only good sports and athletes who are free of vices can stand up to the rigor. Opponents said that the athletes might be ideal in many ways, but the kind of spectators and onlookers may tend to the unsavory.

Salem is called "The City of Peace."

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