Tuesday, July 6, 2010

'Mad Dog' Madsen


We'd had a booking for the Madsen family to spend part of their reunion in a two hour tour of the temple. The mother and father moved from California to Utah 5 years ago, and children, grandchildren congregated this Independence Day weekend from California, Colorado, Virginia, and Minnesota.

Vai haltered the llamas, the kids fed them, groomed them, raced them. They held the parrots, scratched the necks of the cows, and fed the koi in the lake.

Inside, Caru gave a short power point and about 30 family members had lunch at the buffet.

Caru got to talking to one very big tall good-looking Madsen, who appeared extremely interested in knowing more about Krishna Consciousness, and in fact, had previously been very energetic in peppering Vai with questions during the animal handling.

Caru asked him if he was related to the State Senator "Mark Madsen," who comes to the temple with his kids from time to time.

This fellow said, "I'm not related to him, but have the same name and met him when I played professional basketball."

After the family took their departure with grateful thanks for an enriching experience and good meal, Caru did a google search for "Mark Madsen basketball." Turned out Mark Madsen played for the Los Angeles Lakers two years when they won the NBA championship and later went to the Minnesota Timberwolves.
He was known as "Mad Dog Madsen" because of his unlimited energy not only on the playing floor but in cheering on and encouraging his teammates and the fans. Very nice fellow, extremely inquisitive about Krishna Consciousness. Enjoyed meeting and talking to him. He's pictured here feeding a carrot to Jiva, the llama.

Click here for the article Caru read about Mark Madsen. Mark_Madsen_feeds_llamaweb

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