Sunday, July 4, 2010

Puja Snaps by Gonzolo

We are giving Bhakta Gonzalo, who worked as a professional photographer in Peru, assignments to do photo stories on the various happenings here at the Krishna Temple in Utah.

These are some shots of a mundhan ceremony performed for a family travelling thru from New Mexico to Portland. They'd heard from their parents in India the hair cutting for their two kids, Nikhil & Anika, had to be done Friday, no "ifs and or buts." So they desparately called us up and begged to rent a room in the ashram for the night and do the ceremony first thing Friday morning, before they resumed their journey.This was not a recreational trip. They were changing their residence from New Mexico to Oregon.

The various elements of the puja illustrated by the snaps are 'acamanam', purifying the hands, 'svasti vacanam' giving blessings, 'kalasha stapanam' installing the pot, 'mundhan' cutting the hair, 'havan' invoking the fire, 'nivedyam' offering bhoga.


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