Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Landmark_3_webFifty students and some teachers from nearby Landmark High School spent four hours at the temple on a tour today. At 10 am, Vaibhavi introduced them to the animals, whom they haltered and led around while visiting the cows, peacocks and had their pictures taken with parrots on their forearms. Caru gave a power point presentation in the downstairs dining room, and then and led the students upstairs to the temple room. where discussion centered around reincarnation, deity worship, and guru. Hanuman taught yoga and devotees performed kirtan. Downstairs at 1 pm the students enjoyed a buffet lunch of both eastern and western dishes. They ate heartily and declared everything delicious. This is the second semester Landmark has visited and Alissa, the teacher, said to Caru she would like to repeat every year.

Yesterday Caru had spent the day in the library adding videos to the temple you tube channel. If anyone would like to know how to put on a dhoti, or tie a sari, play harmonium or mrdanga, cook ekadasi recipes, chant japa, perform tulsi arati, apply tilok, etc, click here to go to a premier selection of Vaishnava videos. Here is one provocative video he added to the Vegetarian Playlist. It's called "No to Violence."

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