Thursday, December 10, 2009

Latest Updates

The latest Sunday feast talk has been posted on the web site. It is entitled " Thrill at every Moment", Part three...
Four persons attended our Membership class last Sunday. Congratulations to Andrew Taylor of Orem and Gwen Nitya of Spanish Fork for signing the Membership agreement and becoming members of our temple family. Among other benefits, Members are entitled to attend the Lifestyles classes given in the log ashram every Tuesday evening, and will have access to special classes and information in a 'Members Only' section of the web site.
This Friday evening Caru and Vai will attend the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Xmas concert with Natalie Cole In SLC. They are being picked up by their dear friend Dr. Stanley Green, who has been recently elected mayor of Salem City (the next city down the road from the temple) and all have received tickets courtesy of Dale Bowman, a member of the Choir.

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